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1. what's your name? Anarae
2. How old are you? 15
3. How many scars do you have? I don't count, never thought is was entertaining to count your pain
4. What are these scars from? razorblades, carpet knives, scissors, safety pins, broken mirror shards
5. Are you depressed? yes
6. Are you bipolar? yes
7. Are your parents divorced? no
8. Are the scars self-inflicted? yes
9. Did you ask a friend to make the scars for you? no
10. Why did you "scar" yourself? venting, so I can see on the outside how I feel on the inside
11. What are your 5 favorite bands? AFI, HIM, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Atrreyu
12. Are you a vampyre? kind of
13. Are you core? If so what type of core? hardcore
14. Who hurt you the most? How? those I love, emotional torment
15. Do you like muffins? If so, what's your favorite kind? no
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