Xtina (skallelujah) wrote in scar_core,


Let's see if I have what is takes....

1. what's your name? Christina
2. How old are you?17
3. How many scars do you have?I have over 15 individual scars and a whole upper backful
4. What are these scars from? Can accident
5. Are you depressed? occasionally(see question #6)
6. Are you bipolar?yes
7. Are your parents divorced?yes
8. Are the scars self-inflicted?no
9. Did you ask a friend to make the scars for you?NO
10. Why did you "scar" yourself? I didn't
11. What are your 5 favorite bands? Aquabats, Dance Hall Crashers, anti-product, moldy peaches, the toasters
12. Are you a vampyre?No
13. Are you core? If so what type of core? Umm.....Skacore?
14. Who hurt you the most? How? Physically:the driver of the car emotionally:my first boyfriend
15. Do you like muffins? If so, what's your favorite kind? Yes, apple cinnamon with caramel in the middle

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